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"Without you I'm blue..."

Published on Nov 3, 2016

Written By: Casey Cook & Danielle Granholm
Performed By: Casey Cook & James Edward Gault
Produced By: Vud
Directed, Shot and Edited by Tom Gault

November 2016- All Rights Reserved:

My tears are salty streams
Tributaries that feed
The blue ocean of my soul
To wash the lies we left untold

There’s a world of colors I don’t understand
My life is monochrome without your hands
I used to live in technicolor by your side
And through the darkness your light would shine

Without you I’m blue

I’m a shipwrecked sailor on an unforgiving sea
I’m calling out, but I’m trapped in misery
And all my cries, they echo for miles
Do you even hear me scream?

The dark blue sea
Tries to swallow me
But I don't wanna live like this
Tired of being colorless
And I know there's more.. more.

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